Welcome to Sacred Cove Massage & Bodywork

Stepping through Sacred Cove’s doors, you are greeted warmly by a safe, welcoming energy infused with divine light and your own personal potential.  As you inhale, this energetic light fills every portion of your vessel, slowly allowing your body and soul to relax into a place of strength and peace.  All the stresses of the day begin to melt away, and finally, you are living only in the present moment.  You’re at peace.  You feel prepared to fully experience and receive the gifts that await you in the softly-lit, inviting bodywork room across the hall.  You are now ready for your massage.

Our goal at Sacred Cove is not to “heal” or “fix” you; you are not broken. Rather, we feel the work we do is a divine calling to act in service to all those seeking answers, support, rejuvenation, and guidance along their personal and/or spiritual path.

Sacred Cove offers a variety of modalities of massage therapy, bodywork, Reiki/energy work/chakra balancing, and others to support you in your goals. Whether you are looking to manage stress, grow spiritually, or relieve chronic pain, we are confident that you will leave our sacred space with a rejuvenation of mind, body, and spirit.